30 Apr

 Every so often you will hear about a Ford dealership going under because they are closing their doors while underperforming. While this is not always the case, it is becoming more common. In the article below we discuss why it is extremely hard for a Ford dealer to survive during these times and what to look for as far as service center performance, inventory and dealer support. With these two critical components, any Ford dealership can easily see a large improvement in the bottom line.

 One reason that Ford has been able to avoid bankruptcy is that they have the biggest selections of models in the largest sedan, coupe and Mustang segments. The combination of those three models have created one of the most loyal segments in the vehicle industry. It's hard for an automaker to go into that segment and stay profitable because of the high demand for their vehicle. Yet at the same time, it is not as easy for a Ford dealer to get a hold of those customers.

When times are tough and customers have less buying power, it becomes even more important to make sure that customer service is exceptional at every stop. There are many ways to determine that such things as truck in inventory, truck in service center locations, floor plans and more are all in place. For example, the largest Ford dealership in the world has a great fleet of F-150s in its inventory. Yet one dealership in Mexico has five times the amount of F-150s in its inventory and virtually no truck in service centers. 

One of the best ways for any automaker to judge their assets is to look at their annual sales reports. That report gives every year's sales performance and it includes every model in every vehicle category. You can also look at the Ford regional sales reports and they will show you how other Ford locations are doing compared to the Ford dealership locations that just recently opened. If the regional reports are doing poorly, it usually means that the Ford dealership has something that is not working very well or that there is no training being given to new hires and that means those vehicles are sitting on the lots not running on the Ford factory lot. Look for more facts about trucks at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1arnC-saYE

If you do a little research on the internet, you will see that the average age of Ford dealership from this website lots is close to twenty years. That means that the vast majority of Ford trucks and SUVs that are on the lots have been running on the Ford factory lot or nearby for several years. Not only are those older Ford vehicles suffering from rust and corrosion, but they are also suffering from wear and tear.

This means that if you are looking for a great used car or truck at an amazing price, you may want to check out the Ford dealership options available in your area. 

 Many Ford dealerships at this link have top of the line vehicles that you can purchase with a warranty or buy a car, truck, or SUV that already has a warranty. That is because Ford wants its customers to be happy with their vehicle. They do not want to spend money on repairs and have the vehicle sit for another six months. The first place you should look when looking for a new or used vehicle is a Ford dealership. You will be able to find the best vehicle and the best financing, which means you can find the car or truck you have always wanted at an amazing price.

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